WhatTaxi is a technology platform reducing the carbon footprint of taxi journeys to and from the airport. We save you money too.

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Our platform creates matched journeys - where one passengers needs the taxi to go in one direction and another passenger uses the same taxi to travel in the opposite direction. 

Every match we create takes two unnecessary journeys off the road - reducing the carbon footprint. Every match we create also saves you 25% off your fare.

All our journeys are handled by local, reliable, reputable taxi firms, so you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you have done your bit to reduce the carbon footprint of your journey.


Sometimes your journey will only be matched after you have booked, but that still means a carbon saving and we simply refund you the money you have saved!  

The more people who use WhatTaxi to book their journey, the more matches we will make and the greater the carbon and cash saving you will make.

So book your next trip with WhatTaxi here.

Another way to reduce your carbon footprint is to combine your journey to or from the airport with other passengers. Combining (or sharing) your journey will remove even more car journeys from the road and save you even more money. 

However, we understand that not everyone will want to do this, so we will always ask you before we combine your journey.