We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about WhatTaxi and how our service works.

1. What is a 'matched' journey?

Currently if you book directly with a taxi firm they will take you to the airport but that car will return empty - a wasted journey. Our platform fills up that empty journey with someone returning from the airport.

A ‘matched’ journey is one where the taxi is carrying passengers in both directions - reducing the carbon footprint for both passengers. 

2. How does a 'matched' journey happen?

Our technology platform has been built to search for matches amongst all of our bookings. It will compare your outward and return journey requirements with all the other bookings on our system. If there is a return journey requirement that conveniently coincides with your arrival, it will ‘match’ your booking to that. The system will make the same search in reverse against your return journey requirements.

Every time we make a match we take two car journeys off the road and you will save 25% of the fare for that journey. 

You can make similar carbon and cash savings if you choose to combine (share) your journey with other passengers.

3. Why don't other taxi companies offer this?

No other taxi company or booking platform has been established with the focus of removing the carbon footprint of journeys.

We exist because no-one else was doing this.

4. Will it be the same taxi (company) taking me to and bringing me back from the airport?

Possibly, but not necessarily. Our aim is to match as many journeys as possible to ensure the most efficient use of taxis and the most cost-effective solution for passengers. So on many occasions you may well be picked up for your retunr trip by the same company / driver, but on others, our system will have created a more efficient match and you will have a different company / driver.

But it will always be with a driver from a taxi company local to you.

5. Who will my journey to the airport be with and how will I know?

It will be with a local, reliable and vetted taxi company. We will select the best company for you based on your journey criteria. We will confirm your booking by e-mail and give you at that time full contact details for the taxi company booked for your journey. (We will also pass on to them all your journey and contact details).  

6. What does the price quoted cover?

The price quoted covers your journey to and / or from the airport. That is the maximum you will pay - but the cost may be reduced if a match is found or you choose to share with another passenger. The only way the price may rise is if you change your booking details.

7. Does the price include parking costs?

It includes short term drop-off and pick-up parking costs.

PLEASE NOTE: parking at airports can be very expensive. Your taxi company will agree with you drop-off and pick-up points. It is particularly important that you follow the procedure agreed with you for informing your driver when you are ready for pick-up. Failure to do so could cost you additional parking charges.  

8. Does it include a tip?

No. If you feel you have good service from your driver please feel free to tip directly.

9. What if my flight is delayed?

It’s important that you give us the correct flight number. All the taxi companies we use constantly check flight departures and arrivals to determine your arrival time. You will be collected as normal.

10. What if the taxi breaks down?

We work with local, reliable, vetted taxi companies one of the things we check for is that they have a policy in place in case of such an eventuality.

11. What if I want to change my details or my booking?

Go to what.taxi/book-a-taxi. Click 'Check your booking', enter email address and booking reference. Please be aware that if your booking changes or booking details change, you may no longer be matched and may no longer be able to receive the discount. However, we strive to match every journey so even if your details do change we may be able to rematch it in the future.

12. Can you guarantee my taxi will show up?

We only work with local, reliable, vetted taxi companies and they all have systems in place to contact you in case of any difficulty with your booking.

13. How do I contact you / who do I contact?

On confirmation of your booking you will be given full details of the taxi company for your journey, including contact details. Once the booking is confirmed, all contact should be between you and the taxi company. You will only need to contact WhatTaxi in the unlikely event of any difficulty with this.

14. Are you available day and night?

All the taxi companies we use operate a 24 hour, 7 days a week service.