Remove unnecessary car journey and reduce carbon footprint.

WhatTaxi was established to remove unnecessary car journeys from the road. We know that some journeys are essential, but as a society we now have too many journeys with just one person in the car.

We started by working on airport taxi journeys - taxi drivers have at least one leg of the journey 'empty'. We wanted to create a technology solution that could match those empty journeys with passengers needing a taxi.

The current massive reduction in travel due to Covid-19 has meant that we have had to suspend operations in the airport taxi market.

However, we are looking for other ways to reduce car journeys and use technology to help us all 'share' more journeys so that when that we can return to normal, we can change what normal is for car travel.

WhatTaxi want to reduce society's carbon footprint by removing unnecessary car journeys from the road.

Watch this space!